Batman: The Telltale Series
Release Date: August 2nd, 2016
Developer: Telltale Games
Available on PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, iOS, Android and Mac OS

Written by James Williamson

Editor Note: Batman: The Telltale Series was reviewed using a Xbox One review code provided by Telltale Games. This review will contain minor spoilers.

Let’s put a Dent in crime!


Batman: The Telltale Series (We’ll call it Batman from here out) is the latest episodic point and click adventure published by narrative specialists Telltale Games. While skeptics may have been critical to the idea of a superhero story, Telltale have gone out and proved once again they’re the best in the business at story telling.

Batman follows the story of Bruce Wayne, a highly successful entrepreneur fighting for the good of Gotham City in a highly corrupt town. Wayne stops at nothing to ensure the well-being, and has sought help from his good friend Harvey Dent, whom is running for town Mayor.

Batman throws players into the thick of the action as Batman utilizes the various gadgets in his arsenal to conquer the onslaught of goons and thugs infiltrating a building. Quick time events have been a staple of Telltale Games titles, and while they didn’t run so smoothly on past gen consoles, they certainly seemed to have amended that issue and the quick time events glide seamlessly.

Lovers of anything Batman will be able to immediately recognize all the beloved fan favourite characters such as Catwoman, Alfred Pennyworth, Commissioner Gordon, Oswald Cobblepot and many more, creating an in-depth world which will receive much approbation from hardcore fans of the superhero around the world.

Batman exhibits an all star cast for their latest title, featuring voice acting titans Troy Baker (Bruce Wayne), Laura Bailey (Catwoman), Travis Willingham (Harvey Dent) and Erin Yvette (Vicki Vale) who have once again captivated the personas of their characters and really made them their own. Baker, Bailey, and Yvette’s iconic voices will be immediately recognised by fans of Telltale Games, all of whom voiced the main cast of Tales From The Borderlands (a previous title by Telltale Games), who have shown loyalty to the developers by reprising their interest in working with Telltale Games.

Batman focuses more on the Bruce Wayne story of Batman, and gives players a deep insight into the dark world of Gotham City. As per usual with Telltale Games, players are given choices and ultimatums. Decisions which will impact the story of the game, and much alike previous Telltale titles, players will be scratching their heads, almost immediately regretting their choice. Batman does a remarkable job immersing players into the game, wondering if they have done the right or wrong thing, and what could potentially lie ahead as a result.


Not much bad can be said about Telltale Games latest piece, however many of the characters have much mystery surrounding them, with more questions than answers by the end of Realm Of Shadows. Due to Batman being an episodic piece, players can expect much of this mystery to be eradicated as the story unfolds.

Going back to the decisions and ultimatums. Batman doesn’t seem to give the players as drastic decisions as Telltale games have previously done. Decisions such as whether or not to shake the hand of a villain, or whether or not to beat up a villain don’t seem to have as much impact on the player such as “Should I keep this character alive, or let him die?”. Sure, the decisions given to the players in Realm Of Shadows will leave players thinking about their actions, but the level of impact doesn’t seem as severe as it could have potentially been.

One scene in Batman requires players to become detective Bruce Wayne, piecing together various clues of a crime scene to ultimately understand what unfolded. This scene seems to drag out a bit too long, and might seem a bit confusing, as the linking system doesn’t exactly tell you when you’ve incorrectly tried to link together two clues.


Realm Of Shadows has opened up Batman: A Telltale Series with a bang. The story telling is brilliant, the voice acting is phenomenal and even the world around is captivating.

Hopefully with more episodes coming in, players will get to see more impacting choices as the story gets heavier with each passing scene.

Any lover of narrative based video games should purchase this game without a shadow of doubt. The two hours required to complete the first episode is more than enough to capture players, and have them salivating at the thought of episode 2 “Children Of Arkham”.

Any lover of Batman will love this title solely on the fact that players get an insight into the life of Bruce Wayne, a rarity among anything Batman related. The familiar faces will make any player smile, knowing they also get to see the men and women behind the mask of their favourite sub-heroes and villains.